Harassment by Employers in Covid-19

In COVID situation,Lots of people have been laid off,mostly are on unpaid leaves or are working with pay cuts up to 50% which they were earning previously. Rest are facing Harassment by Employers.

Harassment by Employers

One would say that they have job at-least. It is correct, they have job however most people are being harassed by Managers, peers or even subordinates.

Most companies globally adopted Work from home policy in March 2020.

Initially it was good employees were relaxed,They do not have to stuck in traffic commute is now zero. Most of it they were feeling safe as fear of virus infection rate was now almost negligible.

But as days and months passed, employees or I would say human a social animal, started to feel.

  • Depressed
  • Alone (despite of being with family)
  • Tired
  • Exhausted

Nevertheless, since all business started to suffer financial losses, or implemented Disaster recovery started harassing employees.

Let us focus on why all employees felt like mentioned above.

Since there is nothing to do except now work, and no going out. Despite of all the issues people have started to miss traffic, interacting with people face to face. Due to all these people are feeling depressed, tired, and alone. As we say human touch is needed these are not been the cases when everyone went to video, zoom or hangout calls.

Since there is no social activity now, everyone is always exhausted and tired.

Coming to the topic of the day Harassment

All the employees are in constant fear of losing the job or pay cut.

It all started with working extra 1 hour to 2 hours as there was bit more time to finish that pending work.

It increased the productivity, however now there is expectation of every employer that employee can work 10-12 hours easily, so workload is assigned accordingly.

There is an increased frustration due to disturbed environment already, and then workload increase in-order to reduce number of staff and extra work getting assigned to individuals.

Due to this lockdown every company has changed its strategy they are doing almost 100% Proof of concepts, cold sales calls, and marketing strategy changes to online or social media.

Which has increased the burden more.

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Company owners or managers now are taking advantages of this situation and forcing employees to work in multiple domains, thereby decreasing their efficiencies.

Employees are forced to except whatever is being given to them as everyone is in fear of losing jobs, and job market is closed to an extent.

I was searching job out 300 applied jobs I received 1 call and that position also went on hold.

Now people who are not working or Freelancers are ready to work on half of salaries they used to draw, which has increased competition in market too.

With all these managers have started to harass the employees

No leaves to just relax

Holidays are also gone

Weekend is history

Even on sick leaves people are told to work for some hours.

I was talking to a friend he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Still he did not inform his manager and continued working remotely, he said and I quote “If I tell them, they will give me leaves for sure, but moment I return I would be obsolete in company. My assigned work would had been either closed or transferred to other employee and since there is no new work coming our way.

I will be redundant and 1-2 months later I would be sacked”.

In closure I would just say, to all employers let’s not push people beyond an extent, and savings , job cuts are all temporary, as soon as market will re-open all trusted and enabled employees will not even think twice to switch jobs.

Just be Human, we all are in this together.

By karan kapoor

Karan kapoor is an author, script writer and a blogger.Along with it he is an Instagram and twitter influencer He also has a digital marketing venture. Contact us for business opportunity, and promotions