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India is a nation where everyone lives on expectations.

Always expecting to see something

In India whether it is a Son, Daughter, Businessman, employee, student teacher, parents everyone lives in future and on expectations.


For a Father it is an expectation that his son or Daughter will carry on his family values morals, business, because he has been taught same.

For Mother expectation is again the same, her daughter will work, will learn household things. So that every thing is sorted and she does not have to listen about what her parents have taught her.

For son, there is always expectations that is father or mother will get best of toys,gadgets, automobiles etc.

For daughters, as an oppressed community I will say have expectations.

  • Being able to go out without any questioning.
  • Study further without fear of being married to unknown.
  • Get in relationships
  • Get equal treatments but everyone knows the news.

However, Indian Families live on expectations it is their Favorite hobby.

  • From getting good marks in school and colleges to marry a person they don’t know.
  • From Dowry to not to divorce despite of domestic violence.

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Let’s talk about Business now.

In 2020 whether Indians are every where in world. Top CEOs and business man are Indian but only thing they focus is expectations.

  • Expectation of earning more
  • Expectaion from employees giving 200% but ask for 20% salary.
  • Sales to grow from 10% to 1000% overnight.
  • Major one using same old techniques and thinking to manage business.

But, they do not think or get a clear picture what is to be done One cannot rely on only hard work and old strategies.

Now let’s talk one of the biggest one


In India are 33 deity gods who are worshiped by 1 Billion people.

But for no reason everything is expected from them.

I need a girl friend, I will make a deal with god , if he will get me one. I will do fasting.

Exams nearing, so I will from today onwards pray daily and visit temple everyday to get good marks

No rains in monsoon, Indra dev(god of rains) is expected and prayed to get rains, but when it floods same god is abused.

I have lots of things I can say.

India is not only country where you find best of minds only because of their intellect. It is because of expectations of family,society, goverment, neighbours, pets and everyone in the world.

In conclusion Expectations not only drag you down, but they increase your productivity by 1000% and take you to top also 👍.

By karan kapoor

Karan kapoor is an author, script writer and a blogger.Along with it he is an Instagram and twitter influencer He also has a digital marketing venture. Contact us for business opportunity, and promotions