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With a constant increase in daily cases of about 50,000 a day. India and Covid battle seems to be falling apart now

India under leadership of Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

Entered into lockdown pretty early in March’29 and was applauded globally for being one of the hardest lockdown across world.

Then what went wrong since past four months India under stage of lockdown and now unlock down was unable to control spred of virus

Lockdown 1

March’20 till April’20

Due to sudden lockdown and all things closed.

People went in for mass shopping which laid the foundation of increase in infections.

The chain started from there and still it is being carried on.

Lot’s of daily labour started to move to their home towns ans villages and such a scene was observed on march 28. 

Same was case all over India 

Anand Vihar

Lockdown 2

April 2020 to May 2020

Cases were around 30k and increasing.

Necessary shops in streets and colonies were open.

Street hawkers were roaming freely.

People were gathering in colonies and the strict nature of police and other authorities was easing. It started the biggest wave for upcoming months.

No sanitation of streets was done.

Marriages were allowed

Parties were allowed

Lockdown or Unlock-down

Mounting business continuity government announced opening of certain business and stores.

This shifted the momentum of India and Covid fight toward COVID

with daily cases now 20000 India’s was on top 5 globally.

since then Indian Government is easing the rules and cases are growing exponentially.

as for now India stands at 1.8Million cases with 50000 cases a day.

People like Amitabh Bachan, Abhishek Bachan, Amit Shah have been victims of Covid.

Amit Shah, Home Minister and Right Hand of Narendra Modi

India needs a corrective action plan now.

Whether a fresh start for lockdowns or something

India seems really far away from peak, there is community spread which can still happen.

Government either has to take strictest of actions or wait for worst to come.

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