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Rise of influencers in world

These days everyone is trying to grow their social media account.

Not only to increase fame but to increase their brand value.

Long gone days when people used to only focus on content and grow themselves.

Today it is all business

With advertisement market growing and competition is severe.

An influencer earn anywhere between 2 dollars to 20k dollars.

Brands are also shifting their marketers from known people to small users so their promotions can be widely distributed.

This has triggered a pulse where everyone on Instagram,tiktok, youtube trying to monetize their accounts.

And it is not easy.

What people are doing these days

They are buying fake followers to show brands that they have lots of following, typically 10k followers are considered a good impact.

These followers they are buying over internet are bots most of which drops overtime. You can buy them as low as 1 dollar for 100 followers.

But is it worth, it is a vicious circle as then these people will have to constantly buy these, due to droppings and social media sites deactivating the accounts.

Now, to grow some organics to cover these fake followers people tend to 

 participate in follow loops to get more organic followers again these loops range from 5 dollars to 100 dollars depending upon their size.

Still many influencers are not able to get the engagements they want as all above are ghost and fake followings they hardly engage with the accounts.

So influencers try to get engagements 

There are multiple WhatsApp or telegram groups where these people are growing their engagements.

Or they will buy likes and comments

By spending so much time and money, they are getting fake fame, and cheating brands.

Some even promote brands without any agreements, free promotions to show others yes I have brands in my page.

I would just say if you see an account with massive followers, don’t get disheartened there  is lots of dirt behind.

Only advise I would give is be original and unique, people will tend to follow you and you will have a better reach with every post.

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By karan kapoor

Karan kapoor is an author, script writer and a blogger.Along with it he is an Instagram and twitter influencer He also has a digital marketing venture. Contact us for business opportunity, and promotions