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It was a lonely Saturday night – a heart breaker night

He sitting at home called her,She didn’t pickup. He dropped a text but her display picture was also not shown.

He kept thinking of her and went to sleep. Same week he reached his home saw her sitting there in white dress with black stripes, she was looking as beautiful one could be.

After seeing forgot about the Saturday night, he was happy that he is with her loved one.

Some days passed he curiously checked her phone and found a text, while he was visiting his ill father she was with someone else.

Furious he woke her up and said “This is not the way, you are cheating upon me”. 

To which she replied “I was bored so called a friend”.

Blinded in love he overlooked the incident.

Days past months passed, he was worried about his job and other things. 

He got a job,however was not sure whether he will be able to join it, with constant fear in his mind of leaving the city and going away from her, he was slogging through the days.

Until one day she came home tired from work and pinching pain of PMS. She kissed him and went to change,she was hungry and he was zoned out from all the worries of the days.

They fought and he shouted to leave the house at her.

Next day she left  while he was at work.

This was the last time he talked to her, what he never wanted a nightmare he used to see was a reality in front of him, she was gone, he declined the offer and moved to another city hoping to forget her.

But to this day he is while sleeping, waking up doing anything he only has her in his mind.

He had option to move out but he didn’t.

she had option to forgive him but she didn’t.

And this ended what he used to say a perfect relationship.

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By karan kapoor

Karan kapoor is an author, script writer and a blogger.Along with it he is an Instagram and twitter influencer He also has a digital marketing venture. Contact us for business opportunity, and promotions