JOKER OUR FAVOURITE VILLIAN. Want to know how we are also joker in a way, let’s see who all agree to my theory

Joker character from Batman novels, movies, cartoons. We have seen it and always liked the character. But why we liked the character?

And why it is favourite for most of us?

Why every actor who played joker had to to therapy to get out of it?

If you must notice, joker has been portrayed as a villian. Who is not a villian with materialistic expectations.

Dark knight and Joker

Joker always wanted only two things 

  1. To kill Batman 
  2. To just show his presence.

This string personality was developed due to ignorance, depression and people making fun of him.

From a great guy to biggest negative character, how he became one?

Let’s see timeline as per DC comics.

Joker was a lab worker in Chemical plant.

He went in to become a standup comedian, where he failed. And in midst his wife died who was expecting a child.

Due this he ran into depression and started and since he was unable to land money he went in for some robberies where police busted them.

Trying to runaway from Batman he jumps to a water resource, not realising it was chemical pond.

And BOOM!!! he has face now embedded as a joker which was previously only mask for robbery and loses his memory.

The story has been moulded a lot by series and Comics.

This but remains a static one which never surfaced.

Now he faintly remembers his old life and his only motive is to kill Batman and rule Gotham.

Now why he is our favourite character.

There is Joker in everyone of us 

We want to put smile on everyone’s face so we push our limits.

We know what we have gone through during out hardship days.

There has been people backstabbing or cheating on us.

And finally we all wear a mask, so no one can know the storm inside us.

We do not want only materialistic life, but  we desire of being accepted and talked to or look upto.

Which was case of Joker.

In the end there is a joker, living inside us, who might come out one day.

This is the reason Joker is and will be our favourite 

A man with a mask, who wants to put smile on face, has no plans.

But has grief, sorrow and long lost love inside his Heart.

This is completely my theory, you are welcome to oppose it. 

I have not taken any movie or series name as there have been lots of iterations to Joker’s life

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By karan kapoor

Karan kapoor is an author, script writer and a blogger.Along with it he is an Instagram and twitter influencer He also has a digital marketing venture. Contact us for business opportunity, and promotions