RIP Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput- Indian media Exploitation

Sushant Singh Rajput a boy born in Bihar on 21 January 1986.A brilliant student had ranked seventh in the DCE(top engineering college in India) Entrance Exam in 2003.He died on 14 June 2020, I am not going into cause of death as it is controversial.

He was an established actor started his career from Indian Tv serials and moved to Bollywood.

This article is not about him but, how media, news channels, stars, influencers are using his name for publicity and PRs. I am no different I also used it.

Since he died, he became a breaking news topic and people started exploring various theories of his death.

On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram ssr, sushant singh Rajput is still trending.

With various videos like below, people started putting theories like he was killed.

A Lady from Dubai does an Autopsy of Sushant’s dead body

I am no doctor, neither related to the field. however what I can see from these kind of videos is just people were banking on his death, trying to bring in views to the videos and keeping people intrigued about his death.

On Tiktok, whole of my wall was filled with videos about him.

There were videos with dialogues like “Sushant ne marne se pehle anaar ka juice piya or wo game khel re the (Sushant drank pomegranate juice and he was playing a game”).

News started questioning his Girlfriend Rhea, his Ex girlfriends.

Sushant and his Girlfriend Rhea
Sushant and his Girlfriend Rhea

Soon news media started accusing Rhea for his death.

Lastest news I saw was this, that Rhea did some Jaadu-tona on Sushant

This is one of the biggest news channel of India

Anyway, news media and Tv Channels just want to bank upon the news they have got.

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Let’s talk about stars.

Initially, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Shekhar Kapoor were accused of his death, giving our reason that they revoked Sushant’s contract due Nepotism.

Again Indian media and I am now laughing, they just wanted people to watch their channels.

Not to Digress, some stars came out and for grief.

The came in Kangana Ranaut, she started bashing nepotism, and favourism in Bollywood, see below Arnab Goswami and Kangana’s intervies

Kangana Ranaut With Arnab Goswami On Nation Wants To Know nation wants to know

This is not first time she accused Directors and producers for nepotism, favoritism. She did it some years back in a popular show aswell.

Similarly, other stars joined the party and started posting interviews,tweets, videos about Sushant’s death.

Indian media has declared that Sushant did not commit suicide, but it was a planned murder.

Police on the other hand is sick of these fake news and people trying to put in their theories.

Moment police starts to some investigations, media has 100 theories to prove it wrong or a Panel sits where they solve the case in 1 hour.

Media is the biggest tool for voicing, but channels are just trying to put in any theories so that their ranking increases.

I being part of media now, understand the urgency and rating, but I do not want to create these fake news.

Rather, I want to help Police and people to bring out truth about the death, whether murder or Suicide, but not without facts I collect.

So please everyone think before you watch these news or read tweets.

In the end I would say, A person died, everyone mourned, just please do not bank on any theorie. At-least not like Rhea did Jadu tona on Sushant.

Everyone wants justice for Sushant, but let authorities do the investigation.Question authorities not people.

By karan kapoor

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