Lockdown life at home, these are my observations and suggestions, let’s see if you agree?

Covid 19 a fatal flu causing virus has brought world to stand stilll. There is no Sports, new movies, no Manufacturing,supply and retail.

With 1% of population of world infected with virus and 50% of being quarantined or lockdown in their homes and waiting for pandemic to end.

There are brave hearts Doctors, Paramedics, civil workers, researchers, police and defence officers working round the clock to bring this to end.

Everyone is scared or depressed with the current situation of world.
Here I am putting out some learnings which Coronavirus (Covid19) has shown us.

1 world 1 enemy

We bave seen in Many sci-fi and superhero movies, world unite and fight for one cause to survive and flourish.
Our superheros are working 24/7 and showing everyone that science is the answer.
All SAARC,G20,UN,WHO authorities and nation leaders are coming together to support economy, healthcare accross globe.
Now whether it is pledging 5 Trillion dollars or sending doctors to worst hit countries

Ways of working.

Covid 19 has shown most of non-assential jobs do not require you to be present in offices collaborative and cloud based technology has
made it easy for employees to work remotely and be productive as they were in offices

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What does it means!!
1. We do not require huge office spaces SMB, even large enterprises can actually save between 100 dollar to 200 dollars per desk. Only by adopting remote office.

This will allow business to focus more on new products and services with less overhead costs and can actually employ people from remote areas.

2. In business they say time is money, with remote work time to travel which is average of 1 hour 30 minutes can be saved and in-turn productivity of employees can be increased. How?

3. If people will not travel they will be punctual to open laptops.

4. They will invest those extra hour to complete work instead worrying for traffic and crowded local transport.


With this Pandemic most companies with legacy systems will now migrate to cloud based solutions and Increase automated processes, to avoid any breakage in system and in turn Businesses.
This will enable Business leaders across globe to think out of box. In-turn discover and create solutions which have least human interventions. So in coming years we would be able to see 20-30% business model changes.


We all want travels from offices whether to a different city or country.
Once there will be stability in world in terms of risk of Covid 19.
There will be some strict restrictions and rules applied to obtain Visas and fly internationally atleast.

With Lockdown, one thing every Business leader and management is observing, however this technology exists from long.
Tools like google meet,zoom,MS Teams etc, will now be used more effectively and travels can be avoided until it is necessary.

This can result in multiple client meetings in a day, which were avoided due to long flights again decrease in Overhead or capex costs and increase in new business or clients and slaes.

Ways of Living

Everyone of us at-least for some years will now focus on
1. Hygiene
2. Immunity boosting
3. Healthy living

I can imagine a situation new year resolution to join a gym and not attending it after few days will be history.
People sneezing in public or offices will be sent home to rest and take care of themselves.

Environment changes

Covid 19 has shown everyone a way to tackle increase in Pollution worldwide.
Today when half of world’s population is at home and all manufacturing industries and factories shut.

The AQI index of world is under control with most polluted cities of world like Delhi showing AQI of 53 v/s 250 in the season.
Governments can actually shut everything for a day or week to detoxify earth in coming years.
It will not only help in counter pollution crisis.

I remember my Parents saying “for you house is just a hotel, you only come here to eat and sleep”.
With lockdown I am still working the same amount of time, however I am spending more time with my family .dog
I can see the satisfaction and peace within them when I am around.
Now I am talking and getting involved in many conversations, understanding the thought process of parents.
I am looking at a new perspective of living together even when I am working.
And getting pampered with “Mummy ke hath ka khana”( food made by mother).
This Pandemic has changed my mind inorder to get married.
I was against the constitution of marriage, but lockdown made me realise. Surviving alone for me in house for 100 days would had been difficult if my parents, brother and dog was not around.
I have been put into second thoughts and now do want to settle and marry in future.


In the end what I have learned and can suggest.
1. Lockdown for a week every year,so we can undo the damages.
2. To reduce pollution and lifestyle diseases.
3. To conserve Fossil fuels
4. Increase family and personal time.
2.Travel internationally only if it is unavoidable.
3. Increase immunity by exercise,healthy living and eating.

I have my takeaways from the lockdown and in future I would try to implement, hope you have too.

Corona Virus data :- Realtime data

By karan kapoor

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