Off late applications ban in India by Indian government is trending again. But why it is done,what is the impact of it to users let’s discuss

There are total of more than 110 applications which are now banned in India.

These apps were generally used by youth of India some of the most populat applications were Tiktok, PUBG

Full list is available here

All these apps have been termd to violate community guidelines in terms of data security.

However this is still un-clear whether they have violated data securities or not even Government has not made it public type of data these applications has taken through

Application ban in India has brought a halt to influencer market. Many youngsters were dependent upon these apps for pocket money. To Quote examples Applications like BIGO and MICO, on these apps broadcasters used to go live entertain people and earn money which ranged from 11,000 to 2 lakhs every month. Even on Tiktok people used to sell videos or promote stuff to earn some money.

For others in lockdown these apps were actually useful, so they can meet up people on Lives or they can just watch short videos and have some relaxed time.

With tensions between India and China, these apps and people have suffered, lot many house hold incomes are suffering more.

If these apps actually had these security issues, as a technical person I can say would have never been approved by IOS or Google.

These app if they were actually transmitting data to China or any other country, that should have been stopped not these apps.

There is no inquiry or investigations, filed cases just an ordinance for Applications Ban in India.

Every one in world is worried about data breach, however what steps or laws have been amended for the same. Are only Chinese applications stealing data, not any Indian apps. On internet you can buy user data easily for just 500 bucks, and all people dealing with it is Indian.

There is another government application which is taking all data in it’s repository as cache but those are live and running.

Why only apps which were helping teenagers, early 20s people to grow independently and contributing towards Indian and Global economy.

By karan kapoor

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