2020 has open lots of new age occupations which were either hidden or not there.

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new age online opportunities

2020 which has changed the outlook towards life,jobs,opportunities and Business.

This year has brought out lots of occupations for people of all ages, they just need to have right set of knowledge and working internet connection.

What are these occupations, are any investments required or any skills required, let’s find out below.

Smart Jobs , when I use this term these are jobs where you do not require investments except Internet and gadgets, what are these

  1. Testing jobs:– Lots of youngsters and users are earning anywhere from 10 Dollars to 1000 Dollars by testing Applications and websites. These jobs are freelancing or volunteering one of top sites is usertesting.
  2. Influencing:- Social Media Influencing is one of the easiest job which require least investment, where you just have to add videos or posts on your social media accounts. Income here ranges from 1 dollar to 1500 dollars per post. However it is hard to get as you should have good number of followers and contacts to bag promotions.
  3. Broadcasting/hosting:- For upcoming artists and youngsters this is one of the best way to earn money there are applications like :- Bigo, MICO, Streamkar, OlaParty, uplive and many more. Where you need to enroll yourself as talent and go live and make friends or showcase your talent. In these applications you just need to setup a target and achieve it to earn salary. Lots of actors, influencers use these applications. Here income ranges from 50 Dollars to 10k Dollars, depending upon what target you achieve.
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At last I would suggest, whether you have a full time job or you are a student try out these New age occupations. For some extra bucks

By karan kapoor

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