New age occupations

2020 has open lots of new age occupations which were either hidden or not there. 2020 which has changed the outlook towards life,jobs,opportunities and Business. This year has brought out lots of occupations for people of all ages, they just need to have right set of knowledge and working internet connection. What are these occupations, […]

Applications Ban in India

Off late applications ban in India by Indian government is trending again. But why it is done,what is the impact of it to users let’s discuss There are total of more than 110 applications which are now banned in India. These apps were generally used by youth of India some of the most populat applications […]

Lockdown Life at home

Lockdown life at home, these are my observations and suggestions, let’s see if you agree? Covid 19 a fatal flu causing virus has brought world to stand stilll. There is no Sports, new movies, no Manufacturing,supply and retail. With 1% of population of world infected with virus and 50% of being quarantined or lockdown in […]

RIP Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput- Indian media Exploitation

I am no doctor, neither related to the field. however what I can see from these kind of videos is just people were banking on his death, trying to bring in views to the videos and keeping people intrigued about his death. On Tiktok, whole of my wall was filled with videos about him. There […]


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